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    “From River Jordan to the Prairies – thank you for the journey, Morag.”

    “Morag’s quintessential talents and graceful presence are tonic for the soul. Her angelic sound enriches one’s spirit, filling it with tranquility, gratitude and a sense of surrender.”  Tracey

    “It has been a while since I was so completely lost in sound, Watching and listening to the complementarity of Morag’s voice and strings, there was nothing else but just pure beautiful sound. For an hour everything else simply just left. There was only wondrous sound.”  -Erik Howell


    Full Moon Walks

    2014-09-16 21:36:48 joni

    Walk the vibrant journey of Life with a little Cello and Voice to spur you on!

    All Invited!

    Walk On ~ Move On
    ~ Breathe ~
    ~ Simple ~

    Be accompanied by Morag Northey’s Cello & Voice

    ~ By Donation ~

    All donations will help me purchase a Lewis and Clark Graphite Cello, a Coda Graphite Bow, and a lightweight cello case, capable of withstanding varied weather conditions of on foot daily travel. This instrument will enable me to walk the El Norte, Camino de Santiago Trail in Spain, scheduled for October 2014!
    Thank you very much for your donations, every penny makes a difference.
    I wish all Walk On Concerts/Events to be by donation only as they are for Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime!
    Hope ~ Just taking one foot, and then the next!



    Full Moon Walks take place at Calgary’s Fish Creek Park  10:00 p.m.

    Park at the Ranch Restaurant Parking area, Fish Creek Park, Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary.  Please see map: http://goo.gl/maps/nLPji

    February 14 – Snow Moon
    March 16 – Worm Moon
    April 15 – Pink Moon (Eclipse)
    May 14 – Flower Moon
    June 12 – Strawberry Moon
    July 12 Buck Moon
    August 10 – Sturgeon Moon, Super Full Moon!
    September 8 – Harvest Moon
    October 8 – Hunter’s Moon
    November 6 – Beaver Moon
    December 6 – Cold Moon

    Please pre-register through Eventbrite &/or moragnorthey@icloud.com.

    Things to Consider:

    • Dress according to the weather and for your comfort.
    • The trails can be slippery in the cold so I recommend shoe grips which help minimize slippery conditions.  You can find these at MEC and Canadian Tire.
    • Water bottle
    • Small foldable chair in case you choose to rest.
    • Hiking Poles.
    • All walks are manageable, and all levels are welcome. In case of very cold weather we can still walk a brisk, picturesque 10 minutes out, have a quick play, howl, and back to share a warm drink together and say, We did it!
      Evenings close at 11:30 pm. as we must be out of the park before midnight.

    Bouquets of thanks to: The Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society, for participating and sharing in these evenings. Thanks also to The Ranche Restaurant, for graciously providing hot chocolate or apple cider following each Full Moon excursion. Let us plan for you!

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    Together World ~ Walk On Project

    2014-09-16 21:36:01 joni


    There’s a Place

    “There are places of non-division

    where Peace floats on wind and song,
    There are places where there is only Love
    No battles, divorce, no angry voices,
    Where there is Prayer and there is Silence ~
    Where Long Slow Moments rest in stillness ~
    Let’s spread our wings and we fly!
    We’re Movin There!”
    (Morag’s Invocation)

    New New Day Day!
    Oh it’s a New Day
    and I’m seeing the world, on the backside of a Fog
    Sun is shining, and it’s clearing away
    the heavy ol’ clouds of yesterday

    Come on and dance now, let’s shimmer and shake
    big smiles across our face
    come on and dance now ~ Let’s laugh and play
    Celebrate the gift of this New New Day!

    Oh it’s a New New Day Day,
    New New Day Day,
    New New Day Day, New!

    Walk On

    When life gets you down

    when you feel you can’t go on
    be gentle ~
    right foot then left
    right after left
    walk on

    Mother Earth will engage you
    listen ~
    the wind breathes with your breath
    the river reminds you
    these times too shall pass
    walk on

    Sky sings of vastness and mouse sings of small
    mountains ground you as trees protect all
    stars shine their brilliance ~ your spirit resurrects
    one step after step after step after step
    walk on

    miraculous nature egoless and pure
    be simple, exist ~ you can endure
    walk on, breathe, move on
    plod ~
    right foot then left
    right and then left
    walk to return back home to yourself

    For strength, love, hope, and fresh will
    come together, in unison ~ in natural communion
    walk on, walk on
    walk on


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