End of Day 1 was one of those moments that will remain part of our lives forever: I played for the Mass in the St. Mary Cathedral (built in the 1300s and designed after Notre Dame). ´Mercedes´ (a woman who read in the service… Jeff read strongly in English!) was generous and gifted us a tour of the Priest´s home, the hidden places of the Cathedral, and allowed us to visit the Sacred space – the Crypt. I was invited to play and sing… a life-changing event.

Our location

End of Day 2 in Zubri, Spain… owe! The spritual path is well paved with with beauty & suffering. Our walk from Roncesvalles began in the dark, winding through farmland, moving from cold & lush to dry pines & warm sun. Much steep downhill – tricky and long which ended at the Rio Erro´s edge – Zubri. A blessed shower set-up an evening of delicious cold beer, playing by the river for Camino and townsfolk, Jeff´s resting very tired shoulders (bless that guy – he´s packing 15 Kilos …too much!) to help me on this journey.

We end tomorrow in Pamplona.

Thank you all for your beautiful comments – We´ve read every one and cherish your support!