Oct 22
Day 1: Roncesvalles-stellar day, so rocked the Walk On! Playing for Mass 2nite@ Cathedral #mamagonnabesore2mor

Oct 23
Day 2: Zubri-after playing 4 Mass in 13th c. Church & private tour, playing in Crypt last night, early start, mostly downhill.Like walking down a table of marbles

Oct 23
Day 2: Feet sore, shoulders wondering who we are, culture of Spain sinking in.  Don’t be surprised if I join a band of gypsies #rememberthesecretpocket

Oct 24
Day 3: Pamplona-Cafe Iruña.Early morn path berry lined,river,hot, Happy! Body sore, Medieval bridge entering town square, beer&people watch #perfect day

Oct 25
Day 4: Puente La Reina-a true world experience. Drew strength from African head basket carrying women-posture/alignment along path critical #walkingqueenly

Oct 26
Day 5: Estella-painful reminder of the marathon called The Way. Field of snails in hot sun – surreal. Walking on 2000yr old Roman road #whoseideawasthis #Ow

Oct 26
Day 5: After a day of low batteries…who knew it was so hard to find fresh ones in Spain? We are back on the air. Buen Camino #fuentedelvino #yum

Oct 27
Day 6: Los Arcos-fate chosen option, relief from blistering sun. Gift from the guide spirits in the form of Ibuprophen. Oasis in the middle of nowhere #650mg

Oct 29
Day 7: Logroños-longest day yet. 28k over 9 hours walking. End of day shower/vinoycerveza well deserved. Much thanxs to Oasis teas for a Pilgrim’s Welcome

Oct 29
Day 8: Logroños – much needed rest day. Enjoying our city stay, catching up on laundry, resting aching feet & figuring out this Tapas/Pinchos thing #ahhhh

Oct 30
Day 9: oops, no spell check for Spanish cities. Leaving LOGROÑO today for an epic 31k day. All blessings accepted, Check in when done

Oct 30
Day 9: Nàjera-Finally here.  Feet well tenderized, back w friends met along The Way. Early morning mist, lunch under shade of tree in Autumn, vines #<3Dawgz

Oct 31
Day 10: Santa Domingo de LaCalzada – cold of Fall has hit this CDN 9.8C. Hay bail lunch amidst Farmer’s harvest. grapes give way 2 root veg Mnt

Nov 1
Day 11: Belorado-Hell’s gates opened 6:30 am, fresh walnut-lined walk Way, sun-soaked, Cervezas, Cuatro Cantones fed/housed us like Royalty! #mamaneedsherpinchos

Nov 2
Day 12: Agés-Rainy Spanish day w a drummer.  Meditate, Contemplate, Polyrhythmic Kegels!
28k, 8.5 hrs end:sun filled foot pain #colourful mushrooms

Nov 3
Day 13: Burgos – Winter in Spain 8.7C, rain is So on the Plain. Red roads of mud, pig fertilizer, back street graffiti.  Shout out 2 Hotel Norte y Londron & laundry peeps

Nov 4
Day 14: Burgos (rest day) A nite w ghostly guests led 2 a day of pious past. Spires, arches, tombs, sepulchre Missa Proper, Santa Maria Cathedral #hamberguesa

Nov 5
Day 15: Hontanas-32k longest yet. 6.7C@start. .30 € parque baño Oasis, Noon bells welcoming Perigrinos, new insoles. Camino blessing, minimal rain, bellisima skies

Nov 6
Day 16: Frómista-34k/10.5 hrs, yet another milestone set.  Walking meditation saved all, Castrojeriz not to be missed. Rewarded w a glorious sunset along canals.

Nov 7
Day 17: Carrión de Los Condes-Virgen del rio playing in the Sun-Heaven! #unrelentingwind # therearenoeasydays #WaspsLoveCello

Nov 7
Day 17: I was invited by the lovely Nuns @ Albergue Espirutu Santo to play a wonderful Perigrino service/prayer/meditation.A teary coming togetherXO #2thecore

Nov 8
Day 18: Ledigos-Knights have fallen, every1 is Human… Lesson of the Camino. So, give in and Listen: slow down, cover up, lean in2 wind, rain, & pain!

Nov 9
Day 19: León-Practice in letting go Ego-cumulative body challenges, unforgiving timeline, hopped train in Sahagùn 17/30+k day #massagemañana #bathtub

Nov 10
Day 20: León (rest) – much needed bath & sleep in… ahhh!
Laundry, pharmacy, foreign Supermercado, Facebook, massage 2mor, dinner w pilgrims&cello #gr8ful

Nov 11
Day 21: León (rest day 2) After seeing the magical Wizard of León (David) for a massage to mend bodies, day gave way to deep Slumber #<3Way

Nov 12
Day 22: Villar de Mazarife-22k Left bustle of big city for glorious countryside. Floating islands of clouds, lunch w Camino friend Martha, Blessings by Padre

Nov 14
Day 23: Astorga-32k/12.5 hrs – longest day yet. Heavy rains, mud, Pinchos, beer w chaser decides fate. Met by practicing drummers to lighten load

Nov 15
Day 24: Rabanal del Camino – El Camina’s lesson for the day: make no plans & embrace what comes… #thankyouforyourhair#therearenowords

Nov 16
Day 25: Ponferrada-Beautiful sunrise leads to highest altitude of Camino: Cruz de Ferro-laying down rocks in wild snow storm #savedinmanyWays

Nov 16
Day 26: VillaFranca del Bierzo-Gorgeous autumn coloured day.
Spotty rain, muddy vineyard trails, La Bodega del Niño Somelier #Klugscheisser

Nov 17
Day 27: O Cebreiro-Wow! We did it! The only Pilgrims to take Camino Duro. 30k/10.5 hrs; 325m⬆️325m⬇️700m⬆️,Phew! #Proud/Happy/Strong

Nov 18
Day 28: Triacastela-Galicia! Left in dark gusty morning cloud to sunrise shine on snow-capped Mnts. Mucho manure, Perros, & long descent #ahh

Nov 19
Day 29: Sarria – Deep in discussion, walked past easier option. 7k more, to 8th C Benedictine Monastery in Samos #Persimmon

Nov 20
Day 30: Portomarin-Bath awaking Alfonso IX. Reunite w friends under sunny skies. 4 days 2 go & everyone knows. Past 100k marker, now 88! #busy

Nov 21
Day 31: Palas de Rei- short-sleeves & shorts, 1st x in over 3 wks.  6:30 am rise to newbie Pilgrims finding their Way #toomuchstuff #blowdryer? #bagrustlers

Nov 22
Day 32: Arzúa-30kon busy path, lined w new and vet Pilgrims – surprise sun turns to rain@sweet fruit stand. Hotel Suiza, gr8…4 a few hrs #darkexit

Nov 23
Day 33: Santiago de Compostela – We did It! No Words, no easy days, El Camino has our total Respect.  Thank you everything & everyone <3 Morag & Jeff