Backed by a solid music education, years of professional performance experience and genuine love of sharing her art, Morag-Northey Taylor offers lessons in cello and music theory to students in the Calgary area.

Located near downtown Calgary, Red Road Cello Studio is home to many students ranging in ages from 4 – 65. In addition to providing a home base for music education, Morag has created an environment for students and peers to meet as groups and individuals for activities that enhance personal and professional development such as music workshops, chamber music groups, improvisation, yoga and meditation.

In addition to providing instruction, Morag guides interested students to activities that enhance the cello experience. Activities include Calgary Performing Arts Festival, exams, master classes and workshops. Broadview Cello Studio’s annual recitals offer a “safe-stage” environment for students of all levels to discover the magic of performance and to show off their hard work to family and friends. Inner-studio challenges such as “Technique-a-thon” and “Practice Clubs” challenge and reward all students that participate and show improvement. Morag is currently accepting new students. Please feel free to contact Morag with any questions you have.