‘This is the Life” cd

RVBT_cdThis cd will be sent out as a gift for any donations made towards the Together World Walk On project.

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Blade of Grass necklace (Together Calgary 2014)

blade of grass necklace by Karen JefferyThis necklace was inspired by my  asking Karen Planden-Jeffery to create a talisman symbolizing my 2013-14 ‘Together Calgary” theme; ‘There’s enough for everyone“.  Karen imagined a flowing blade of grass – Brilliant!

I understood this to include the hardiest Ar’pun grass to the plushest Blue grass of southern Alberta’s landscapes – weedy blades that push through previously unknown cracks in the most unlikely places.

‘Enough for everyone’, belongs to all aspects of our communities – the concepts of gift economy, abundance, inclusion – where our world community works together and all are given opportunity to flourish.

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Walnut Necklace (Together Calgary 2013)

walnut necklace by Karen Planden Jeffery

Morag chose the image of a walnut and walnut tree to symbolize “Forgiveness”  her Together Calgary 2013 theme.

“the walnut represents transformation: at its root, the walnut tree is toxic and inedible, however given in the right manner and dose, has multi-faceted healing properties. Through its own growth and development, the tree yields a precious nut, known for its nutrition and flavour. The nut is first hidden within a protective green cover, which must split open. As with forgiveness, the time and trouble it takes to crack the nut’s hard shell and set the walnut free, is well worth the work. The walnut is not just a seed for the tree, it is the seed to a better life. Instead of beating yourself up over things that went wrong, believe in your power to change, and remember to keep saying yes to the positive things.”

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Listen Necklace (Together Calgary 2012)

‘Listen’ Lotus Petal necklaceMorag’s inspiration for Together Calgary’s 2012 theme “Listen” came from her youngest years where time spent watching dust particles dancing in beams of sunlight, or enjoying the sound of a babbling stream, tree leaves rustling in wind, or the patter of rain on a bubble umbrella, would peacefully transform her often restless heart – strengthening her will to positively continue on.    Moments in her life where she found refuge in empty cathedrals, halls, and inspiring architectural spaces, recharged her. Like these experiences, a book called”MoMo” by Micheal Ende, where a little homeless orphan girl (with nothing but time to listen), sets up in an abandoned amphitheatre and is visited by many needing (in order to hear their own hearts) to be heard – MoMo helped heal the heart of a culture loosing themselves to an overly time-scheduled life. Finding similar transformation through her music practice, listening, and observing the response of others to her cello and vocal tones in performance, in her teaching studio, and in healing sessions, Morag decided to open this opportunity to all of Calgary.  In 2009 when her friend Michael Fitzpatrick played at the Saddledome opening and readying hearts of participants to receive the address of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, she realized the time was ‘Now’ to provide similar, more regularly, to our city.

“I hope Calgary will take this time to quietly ‘say hello to themselves’ and leave this Monday lunch hour feeling energized by an amazing community and self connection!”

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