Morag is a cellist, a teacher, a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, composer, singer, producer, and director. Her work, regardless of medium, digs deep, moving and transforming lives. Spirit, community, and healing have always been central to Morag. As a cellist, composer, and writer, she has offered healing through music in sacred spaces and nature, including all along the Francés pilgrimage route of the Camino de Santiago.

Morag’s 35-year career in classical performance, string pedagogy, passion for creating unique multi-genre art, and transformative instructional philosophies have shaped the artistic development of generations of young Canadian cellists. In addition to composing and performing with numerous orchestras, ensembles, musical theatre productions and celebrities, she has maintained a large cello studio over the last 40 years, including individual and group lessons from early childhood through teen and adult levels. From young students learning their first bow hold at age three to university entrance and advanced career counselling, the philosophy of love-based, uncompromising nurturing is the constant goal.

It is her curiosity and love of life that inspires her daily to discover new avenues of expression and makes her a vibrant teacher and performer. She believes life is meant to be joyful, and actively engages in that pursuit and experience.   > full bio

Morag Northey

Morag Northey



​Morag Northey developed her play 17 through the Sunset Theatre’s Exploration Series during a five year period that included: artist retreats, a compilation of writings, musings and songs; dramaturgy with playwright and dramaturg Michaela Jeffery and public readings with the final script being birthed under the dramaturgy of award-winning playwright Eugene Stickland during the Sunset Theatre’s 2016 summer season.

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Camino ~ Thank You

Dear Friends, Family, and awesome businesses that care: I am so thankful to my community... please allow me to share these thank you's, a few stories, thoughts and observations on this 2015 Thanksgiving Day that come from walking the Way. XO Morag here we go!  ......

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'This is the Life" cd






This cd will be sent out as a gift for any donations above $50. Proceeds will go towards getting 17 on tour.


Over the past three years, Morag Northey has shared her voice and cello with thousands of people from Calgary to Vancouver and the heart of the Cariboo. What began as a personal calling, has propelled Morag, with cello on her back, to walk the Camino de Santiago trail ~ a historically symbolic spiritual pilgrimage, where she will spread her encouraging, loving message: "Walk On!" one step and then the next, when faced with life's inevitable difficulties.  She encourages us to reach out, come together, and move forwards right beyond what yesterday seemed impossible ~ through our living example, we inspire others to do the same! Check out her blog posts as she walks the trail! Throughout this past year Morag, and The Ranche at Fish Creek Restoration Society, has hosted a series of Full-Moon walks in Calgary's Fish Creek Park. Come rain, shine, or most recently a Summer snow storm, she has lead groups of brave followers on Walks, all the while sharing each month's Full Moon themes, positively motivating ideas, her Cello, Voice and Song.

"From River Jordan to the Prairies - thank you for the journey, Morag."

"Morag's quintessential talents and graceful presence are tonic for the soul. Her angelic sound enriches one's spirit, filling it with tranquility, gratitude and a sense of surrender." - Tracey

"It has been a while since I was so completely lost in sound, Watching and listening to the complementarity of Morag's voice and strings, there was nothing else but just pure beautiful sound. For an hour everything else simply just left. There was only wondrous sound."  - Erik Howell