Morag in Wells, BC

It occurs to me that what I am about to share may endanger my future opportunities to take artist retreats at the Sunset Theatre, however I can not be silent ~ something very good is happening in Wells B.C.

Nestled in the crisp clean air of British Columbia’s naturally beautiful Cariboo region lies a historic gold rush mining town (now an artistic, creative epicentre) named Wells.  Living in the original home of the town’s namesake, Fred Marshall Wells, (who discovered the Cariboo Gold Quartz Mine in 1932), is the Jeffery family.

It is here, for three summers, Karen and Dave Jeffery have accepted my request to work as an Artist in Residence at the Sunset Theatre in Wells B.C. I consider these residencies to be the yearly birth place of my artistic, personal and creative renewal.

Sunset Theatre’s optimally encouraging environment makes diving into discovery, practice and performance as easy as it can possibly be.  The Jeffery’s demonstrate their respect and understanding of the creative process by being there when you need them, actively providing support, or by just keeping the world at bay.

Through providing a holistic program, in a comfortable space at a manageable cost, with use of a fully appointed theatre that boasts vibrant acoustics, Dave and Karen succeed in furthering Canadian art and culture, and in helping artists achieve their goals and dreams.

To all performing artists ~ visual, musical, dance, film or theatre,  I highly recommend the Sunset Theatre’s Artist in Residency Program as a trustworthy home that genuinely cares and will help nurture your awaiting creation.

With huge appreciation, I thank you to the Moon and back, dear Jeffery’s!



Morag Northey
Cellist, Singer, Composer, Teacher, Poet and Mother of two amazing girls!

(PS: now I’ve shared… still keep a place reserved for me!? <3) 

Thank You!