Dear Friends!

A quick note – we are tweeting at the end of each day @MoragCello. We do this through Jeff´s inReach satélite GPS which broadcasts/plots our progress across this beautiful land.

Highlights Day 6: Estrella – Los Arcos

While getting into Estrella had been a ´by sheer will´ experience, leaving the city we were blessed with Motrin, Tylenol, gentle countryside and a quick arrival at ¨Fuente de Vino¨(a location I would have happily remained). Here the Monastero Irache welcomes all Pilgrims with a fountain of the region´s delicious red wine – salve for tired travels. Yum!

Perhaps the wine, perhaps Mother Camino´s guidance, this day brought Jeff and I to a choice: path to the right; shorter but straight up then down, gorgeous scenic viewpoints… path to the left longer, pretty, but flat, following over from, but along the highway. Despite my two sore knees, I chose to give Jeff the mountainous experience… 30 minutes down the path he noted how right it was that I took the longer path… No!!! having viewed the map, having consciously made the choice, she turned me the wrong way – though, the right way for self-care, endurance and longterm success.

Noteworthy: the Bocatera Bar in the middle of nowhere, incredibly hot, desert, sun, end of day and BEER!

Day 7: Los Arcos – Logrono

Inglesia de Santa Maria XII: With the exception of the Grand Cathedral in Burgos, the detailed work in this church took my breath away. I have been invited, and hope to return and play again, in this 12th-century wonder.

We set-up at the municipal albergue and I went to the river to warm-up…
(an aside… it´s fascinating to walk this path without music yet find when the mind, body, & spirit, align with the rhythm of nature, walking, and let go of all … music I thought I´d lost, is remembered and sings to me. It has remained in there, clouded by the busy mind)

The Mass was set for 8:00 pm, and our group of pilgrims would not miss it. As we entered the church, town folk exited, sharing something we didn´t understand. I took out my cello, and played and sang to the spirit of that richly ornate temple. Acoustics floated sound through the highest places – the pilgrims closed their eyes, it was a Sacred time.

The Priest came out, listened, left, his lady helpers moved about, and 30 minutes later the lights were turned off… Jeff and I readied ourselves for the Grand Mass entrance! I ended my playing, notes ascending off the fingerboard, and…

The Priest thanked me and went home – Mass had been moved to 7:30 on Mondays!