Day 7 – Los Arcos

The Hospitaleros of the Albergues volunteer their time, and are generous, helpful, and insightful people. They see many tired souls cross their doorsteps, searching for answers, greater meaning & understanding of life – pilgrims can be emotionally sensitive and raw.

This evening the Hospitalero asked me to please play for him. About 15 of us gathered around the balcony and I sang and played as honestly as I could. He took my face in his hands and wet my cheek with his tear…

Here we met Danny – a Spanish production manager who has walked many Caminos, and suggested our next day must-stop…

Day 8: Los Arcos to Logrono:

In Torres de Rio, there is a 12th Century, octagonal, Templar Sepulchro… very small, historically and acoustically special. We were forewarned that a protective Spanish Grandmother would be suspiciously presiding over it´s well-being and sure enough, when we arrived she was at the door. We chose to have a café con leché and Danny appeared! (he had spend time with Grandma in the past, and she liked him).

I was invited to play, and dove into an open, willing, listening… my desire to find the right voice, melody, and harmony for that particular moment and place – to believe in the voices that whisper.

At close, Grandma´s face was transformed and beaming! I was gifted a kiss on the lips by that big,solid, slightly intimidating Woman, and Danny was beside himself having watched the whole thing.

Thank you Oasis Tea Room, for the wonderful Pilgrim´s Welcome! A lovely American couple opened this space for meditation, tea and cookies – a stop unique to the culture, and a restful, positive, environment. The owner saw my cello as I enjoyed a beer across the street, walked over and said “I´ll give you tea and cookies if you play your cello in my store!” Of course I did, and received great stories, Logronos Pinchos/Tapas guidance, and we left with a dinner donation in hand.

Tired, needing basics and a day off from the grind: laundry, writing, practice, sleep, pharmacy, groceries, and batteries (the standard list)
I rest this entry, as we rested a day in Logronos.

Despite inconvenience, and tremendously thankful to my Angel Jeff, carrying extra weight, I am grateful to have my cello here, and for all
the lessons and gifts it provides us.