Acclaimed cellist, singer/songwriter Morag Northey has been given the St Mary’s Cathedral, to offer a weekly non-religious event to Calgarians of any or no faith, where an hour of silence is accompanied by her cello.

‘Together Calgary’ is for all people to enjoy these rich, healing tones and silently ‘just be.’

Morag will be open to the emotions and messages she feels coming from the people, and play as they sit, breathe, daydream, pray, bow, think, pace, meditate… whatever suits the individual. All sound will be inspired by the moment, and improvised based on what Morag ‘hears.’

Morag’s inspiration for ‘Together Calgary’ came from her youngest years where time spent watching dust particles dancing in beams of sunlight – just taking space – would peacefully transform her often restless heart and strengthen her will to positively continue on.

Morag wants to share how the moments in her life where she silently found refuge in cathedrals, halls, and beautiful
architectural spaces recharged her. She recalls how a little homeless orphan girl ‘MoMo’ (the title and name of a primary character in a book by Michael Ende), would sit in an abandoned amphitheatre and listen to people who visited her – fleeing a world where taking time to do anything but work was frowned upon by the men in grey. Her simple listening helped heal a culture losing themselves to this overly time-scheduled life.

Morag found similar transformation through music practice, listening, and observations of the response of others to her cello and vocal tones in healing sessions, performance, and in her teaching studio. In 2009 her friend Michael Fitzpatrick played at the Saddledome, readying hearts of participants to receive the address of His Holiness the Dalai Lama – she realized the time was ‘Now’ to regularly provide her version of this to our city.

“I hope that that when people leave the lunch hour, they will feel positively energized by an amazing community and self connection!” states Morag.

What: Together Calgary: a non-religious, cello, accompanied silence.
Where: St. Mary’s Cathedral 219 18th Avenue SW Calgary
When:  The first Together Calgary Monday will be February 27th.
Mondays at 12 noon to 1:00 pm from February 27th to the end of April.

The hour session will begin with Cathedral bells.

An early taste of Together Calgary will occur at St. Mary’s Cathedral

Ash Wednesday to celebrate the start of Lent.  If you wish to try
sitting in silence for a shorter period of time, please come!
Morag will play her cello before and following the noon Mass

That day’s schedule will be:
Silence with Morag:  11:30-12:00
Ash Wednesday Mass:  12:00-12:45
Silence with Morag: 12:45-1:00
St. Mary’s High School Mass: 1:00
Silence with Morag: 2:15 – 2:30
St. Mary’s High School Mass: 2:30
Morag will close each Mass with Cello

Morag hopes to see you all weekly!

For media inquiries or more information contact:

Kelly Schuler
Brave Communications
Mobile: 403 680-7307

Morag Northey
Mobile: 403 617-4225

Morag Northey is also highlighted as this month’s featured artist by Mount Royal Conservatory