In the spirit of love, Morag Northey plays cello and sings her song “Sending Love” encouraging us to take a moment, extend a helping hand, and provide hope and support to our immediate and global community. Don Horsburgh plays the piano and the Calgary Girls School Grade 5 Choir sing like Angels. Calgary’s Alex Community Health Center’s work with homeless youth and the healing power of a simple hug between animal and child, reminds us that when we connect and work together to give and receive ‘beautiful love” we can create magic!


Piece of Paper: Morag Northey Lyrics/Vocals/Cello,
Brent Van Dusen Percussion/Vocals, Jonathan Lewis Violin, Music Video Jesse Coderre/Rachel Park. We have fears, stories and dreams, We live the effects and we make choices, Fear takes away and fear strengthens –
just let it go, just let it go, just let it go, just let it go, just let it go, just let it go…